At Just Peoples, we believe in a world without poverty. A world where people from all walks of life have the power to solve their own problems, their own way.

Our network of grassroots project leaders across Africa, Asia and Mexico design and deliver education, healthcare, women’s empowerment and income opportunities for people living in poverty in their local communities.
It’s easy to get involved in supporting these grassroots solutions and your contribution will make a life-changing impact for someone living in poverty.

With each Kenshi candle purchased you can choose the impact that you make in the world.

1. Provide a month of free early childhood education for an Indonesian kid living in a slum community.
2. Provide a clean drinking water source for one Kenyan who is currently living without a safe water supply.
3. Provide 3 Tanzanian girls with packs of 5 washable cloth sanitary pads so they can manage their periods and stay in school.